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Proficient has 4 major objectives:

1. Objective 1: To develop a new SME network business model for new construction and for retrofitting of energy-efficient and low-carbon residential districts, together with the corresponding business plans for SME players and local ESCOs.

2. Objective 2: To elaborate financial, regulatory and ICT tool sets to support SME network business models in the energy-efficient, CSO, housing market. This objective will cover the most appropriate funding schemes associated with lifecycle performance assessment and monitoring, as well as the set up of an interactive e-marketplace, a Semantic Web collaboration platform, and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

3. Objective 3: To generate new process models of collective-self organised construction and the retrofit of energy-efficient districts, which enable SMEs to apply the new business model to respond to the end-user’s performance demand and the expected Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

4. Objective 4: To demonstrate and empirically validate the plausibility of the new business models and all supporting results, and to ensure the realisation of sustainable impacts at the project implementation level, at the SME organisational level, and at the EU level of energy-efficient building communities.




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