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Why Proficient? 

The PROFICIENT project responds and exploits the actual trend in EU that is the new process of self-organised housing with a rapid market growth. The concept of self-organised housing has been well-known and EU countries are now ready for the market transition from demonstration projects to a volume market.


The market size will become doubled in next decade as committed in the recently launched policies and action plans by governments in a number of EU countries. The experimental phase of self-organised housing has been completed. For instance, in the Netherlands, in the past 10 years, successful pilot projects in various municipalities across the country have been carried out under the SEV subsidy and supervision programme (SEV, 2010). However, at present self-organised projects do not automatically mean EeB or a large-scale project a district level. The UK government claims that ‘self-built homes are greener’ and an extra 25,000 self-built homes each year will save around 100,000 tonnes of CO2. The maximum impact of combined measures is around 70% of energy saving in existing dwellings and up to 50% in new dwellings EU wide.


PROFICIENT implies a 50% growth of CSO energy-efficient buildings in the next decade which includes 25% growth of district-scale energy-efficient building projects. Within this new volume market, it is plausible to reach far above 10% market share growth per year for SME-driven technology solutions addressed by PROFICIENT.


The best guarantee for the success of EeB is obtained if the new businesses can generate revenue (far) beyond the current R&D and demonstration spending. Having known that many new technologies from R&D projects are available and have been demonstrated in small-scale applications, the purpose of the PROFICIENT project is to take a greater holistic perspective over a broad range of high-performance yet affordable technology solutions in building and energy systems. Thus, PROFICIENT will not promote just a particular technology, but instead the integration of technologies based on cost-performance optimisation for each situation.


Up to 50% reduction of consumption of the existing multi-family dwellings, including high-rise prefabricated panel buildings will be achieved. The impact will be enormous since existing, such a dwelling type counts for nearly 50% of the total housing stock within the EU. This impact will be achieved by promoting practical solutions with the focus on performance and end-user, and by activating local ESCOs, such as demonstrated in PROFICIENT action-learning case in Hungary.




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