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SME Council

The SME Council is established to allow SME members to take an active role in ensuring the practical relevance of the project results for SMEs. The main activities of the SME Council are:

  • Reviewing and approving technical deliverables based on the SME relevance and practicality before being submitted to the Commission by the Project Coordinator.
  • Engaging the SME members in the demonstration activities and within the PROFICIENT Communities of Practice (CoP).


The Community of Practice (CoP) is composed of several groups of stakeholder in the fields of EeB and self-organised housing. The PROFICIENT CoP involves the key stakeholders from our demonstration cases. These stakeholders are asked to provide an input to the PROFICIENT consortium regarding the customer’s requirements, future market, policy, expected impacts, possible standardisation, knowledge dissemination, and business opportunities. The CoP members are invited to participate in business creation workshops at the regional level.


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