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Meeting between The Hague and TNO, Wednesday June 13th.

The municipality of The Hague has formulated a strong ambition to have a large share of housing development (both new construction as well as retrofitting) be initiated, planned and managed by residents (in self-organisation, both private owners as well as collectives). One department called private client-ship “kleinschalig opdrachtgeverschap”, has for over three years been working on facilitating this process, and preparing the basics (for instance plot-passports, a clear process map, defining mile stones, client support etc.) for individuals and collectives to start their own housing project. Currently, the municipality is working on making this client support and basic information and tools available in a virtual way, through software and internet.  

The meeting was intended to share the progress from both the side of The Hague, as well from the side of PROFICIENT. The Hague presented their ideas, wishes and an interactive planning-tool allowing the person behind the buttons to shape and size the building (box) on the plot, having a direct feedback on prices (of plot and real estate), and having a good graphical representation of the end result (on neighbourhood level).

TNO presented the outline of the CSO Housing platform, as one of the research results PROFICIENT is working upon. We have also demonstrated the current website. The discussion that followed, highlighted that some of the functionalities of the CSO Housing platform closely correspond with the wishes and ideas the municipality of The Hague have formulated. Accordingly we have discussed the possibility of contextualizing the CSO Housing Platform functionalities more to the environment and particularities of The Hague; and the wish of The Hague to make the Platform (or at least the main functionalities) available for actual client support in one of the next neighbourhood planning and sales activity.

One of the activities planned to discuss further is the further information/ data that The Hague would like to make available (specific) on the platform, as well as how to connect their planning tool with the communication and decision support information on the CSO Housing Platform.
It is the ambition of TNO and The Hague municipality to further explore the cooperation and input necessary to transform the current CSO Housing Platform into a practical and applicable tool, to implement in The Hague’s practice of planning and development of (collective) self organised housing projects.

TNO considers the recent discussion with the municipality of The Hague as a clear indication that apparently Dutch practice and shifting focus to having more (collective) self organized housing projects as opposed to large real estate developer initiated housing projects, is in need for process supporting tools and functionalities like we are currently working upon in the set-up of the CSO Housing Platform.



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