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Exploring existing grassroots housing movements for energy efficient districts

Building collectively has become more popular movement over the last twenty years particularly within the EU countries. This paper investigates the origin of different forms and types of collective housing in Europe, and discusses the degree of their potential to be as grassroots movements towards self-organized energy-efficient districts.

In this paper, first a survey is performed of existing typologies of collaborative housing in different countries. By doing so, the attempt is to portray the variety in collective behaviors of existing housing initiatives and identify the values of the various collective movement.

Secondly, the authors look at both commonalities and discrepancies of the portrayed collective housing typologies, and map them based on their main aspects: 1) the level of community intention, and 2) the participatory character in the community establishment. Consequently, the discussion focues on the degree on which the variety of collective housing behaviors can boost grassroots, thus self-organized, movements towards energy-efficient districts.


Download: Exploring existing grassroots housing movements for energy efficient districts.


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