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7th Framework Programme  

3L explores collective self-organised housing development in Germany

With some inspirations from the PROFICIENT PROJECT, 3L is exploring the possible cohousing development in Cologne. Cologne and its surroundings are one of the booming areas in Germany with growing population in already dense metropolitan agglomeration. Actual studies of the area show that affordable living space is rare by now and that the urgent need for new residential solutions will even increase. It is predicted that in the next 10 to 12 years the population will grow at a 3% rate (about 30.000 inhabitants). In recent discussions with 3L the urban administration was substantially interested and open to the ideas of innovative cohousing concepts and projects and a cooperation. In the first step 3L focuses on the identification of a site for a German sample project in the City of Cologne. It is expected that the city of Cologne will offer a site for a cohousing project within the next 12 months.




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