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7th Framework Programme  


Frans G.H. Koene

Building and Civil Engineering
TNO Technical Sciences
Delft, The Netherlands


Final Newsletter - August 2016


2nd Newsletter - November 2014


1st Newsletter -July 2013

Proficient and current development in the CSO housing market in Germany- parallel 3L activities to Proficient and intermediate results


Since the start of the Proficient project in September 2012 3L was observing the current market development in the sector of collective self organized housing in Germany. This is done in order to create a showcase that validates the results or the intermediate results of the research and development project on a market oriented level in order to promote Proficient and create a real market feedback. These activities are not a part of the funded action but 3L as a typical SME is of course market oriented and the work in the field of CSO housing is growing continuously in Germany.

After two unsuccessful attempts of being involved in a typical tender –in Hagen and Cologne- for a site acquisition devoted to CSO housing  -following the typical top-down principle as a developer providing services, a site and the full contracted works- it is likely that there is an interesting project development coming up, now. The business case instead of the projects mentioned above is following the bottom-up approach i.e. there is a group of people looking for a multi-generational housing project without owning a site by now. The group originally gathered in order to develop new ideas for housing of any kind for a certain region without the idea of focusing on a real project. While starting with meetings the idea to tackle the demands of the demographic change and develop a multi generational housing as a solution for privately organized services for young families and elderly came up. In the phase of detailing their orientation to concepts and check the possibilities and limits of organizing building projects by themselves 3L will now be involved in an early pre-consulting that will be arranged in the second half of September 2014. This case is interesting in order to mirror the intermediate R&D results regarding processes, design typology, customer demands etc. and will be reflected and it is expected that any of the discussions and results regarding this exercise will help to influence the further research and development focus based on typical SME´s experiences of a real case.                


Klaus Th. Luig, Architect Dipl.-Ing,

Managing Director, 3L architects, Germany


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