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7th Framework Programme  


Frans G.H. Koene

Building and Civil Engineering
TNO Technical Sciences
Delft, The Netherlands


Final Newsletter - August 2016


2nd Newsletter - November 2014


1st Newsletter -July 2013

Transnational Strategy Training Workshop -Brussels 2013

Several PROFICIENT Project Partners have been involved in a KARIM event (28 February- 1st of March 2013). The KARIM Project is co-financed by the European Union through Interreg program. KARIM aims to improve SME's acces to technology and innovation support services, responsible innovation, and boost northwest Europe's competitiveness. KARIM has 9 project partners across North-West Europe (NWE) and is led by the Paris Region Innovation Centre (PRICE). To achieve the objective, KARIM organises and delivers training to innovation agencies and SME's across NWE in the following areas:


  • Working in transnational teams on transnational teambuilding issues
  • Managing creativity in SME's and different cultures
  • Management of IPR in transnational collaboration
  • Accessing and commercialising technology from overseas universities
  • Using transnational partnerships for effective market research
  • Transnational marketing strategies
  • Presenting investment cases to transnational funding agencies/financiers
  • Managing foreign investments in innovation projects.


For two days, DEMO Consultants BV, SBR, 3L Architects, Lancaster cohousing and Lancaster University have attended the event, European Agengy Transnational Strategy Training Workshop at Office of the Ile de France Region, Brussels. While there was an opportunity for networking and promoting the profile of PROFICIENT during the event, the main aim of this event was to equip SME's with the capability for conducting transnational collaborative projects and to encourage meeting between SME's and European partners. As a follow up of this event, each participant will hold a regional session by inviting their local partners.







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